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Welcome to the Partner Area

We are glad to offer you an opportunity to become our partner.

Do you have a website?
If so, why not join the Uber Games affiliate programme.

As a member of our affiliate program, you can earn unlimited commission simply by linking to from your website.

When someone visits from one of the links on your site and places an order, you earn 10 % commission. If the visitor does not place an order in that visit, you can still earn the commission if they purchase within 60 days, even if they don't come to us via your site on that occasion!

It's free you don't pay anything to join the Uber Games affiliate program It's easy we provide you with all of the tools you need. You can choose the images and links you want to add to your site.

You will be able to see how your sales are doing at any time by accessing reports online. We handle the orders, deliveries and payment. All you need to do is add a link / banner to our website.

To become an affiliate click on Become an Affiliate now. Once we have received your application you will receive an acceptance email with full instructions. The email will also show your username and password. Using these, you can log in to the affiliate member page to check the progress of your sales and commission.

Commission is payable on the last day of each month to affiliates with 25 or more owing. If the monthly total is less than 25 the sum is carried over to the next month's payment. In the event of any refunds, order cancellations or purchases made from a fraudulent credit/debit card or dishonoured cheque, then the commission will be deleted from the total amount due to the affiliate or deducted from future payments if already paid.