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Rules of rounders

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Rounders is a game played between two teams, who alternate between batting and bowling as in cricket, with both teams taking a turn at batting (called an innings) then a turn at fielding. Rounders can be played either as one game comprising of one innings each or as a series of innings with the scores being added to a final total.

A rounders team can be any size between five to fifteen players, however many people will remember playing rounders at school, where a class of 30 or 40 would simply be divided into two teams!


The aim of the game is to score rounders while batting. This is achieved by each player batting in succession, then running a circuit of four bases in order to score a rounder. The fielding side tries to stop progress by catching the ball or “stumping” the bases before the 4th base can be reached. Rounders has similarities with cricket and also baseball, popular in the USA.


Rounders is played with a wooden bat and a leather hard ball, although a soft ball is more often used for reasons of safety. The bat, which resembles a policeman’s truncheon or a short baseball bat, may be up to 8.6" (21.8cm) in diameter and between 27" to 43"(68cm – 109cms) in length, according to the NRA rules.

The rounders pitch
The pitch for competitive rounders is laid out as follows:
Size of rounders team and positions.
Bowling and no balls

Being “out” can be a bone of contention in a rounders game. The following are all reasons for being out when batting in a rounders match:


The innings is over once all the batting team are out and there are no rounders players left in to bat. This team then takes up their fielding positions and the opposing team gets ready to bat and start their rounders innings. The rounders team with the highest score wins.