Carrom Board Feet Set– set of 4 Hardwood Board feet


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Our Uber Games Carrom Board Feet are designed to raise your Carrom Boards off the resting surface you want to place your Board on. This means that you can ensure a stable playing surface for your game of Carrom and protect the resting area. Coming in a pack of 4 Carrom Feet to suspend your Board. They are light yet made from sturdy Hardwood. Easy to place underneath your Uber Games Carrom Boards without the need for any tools or instructions.

  • SIZE – 4 x Carrom feet in this set. Each Individual Carrom Foot measures: 6cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm.
  • MATERIAL – Hand crafted from Hardwood so they are strong and durable with rounded edges.
  • WEIGHT – Total Set of 4 Feet is 15gms

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