Club Rounders Set


Embrace the great outdoors this summer with our club edition of the classic striking and fielding team game. Containing four bats, there’s never any need to pause play – simply take your turn and make your way around the field without having to pass the bat back to your teammates. 

Mark out a pitch with four sturdy rubber bases, which hold the four full-height plastic posts firmly in place, and use the two rubber mats to mark the positions of the bowler and current batter. 

The club rounders set includes;

  • 4 x ash rounders bats with rubber grip   
  • 2 x leather rounders balls
  • 4 x white plastic posts, each 123cm high x 25mm in diameter      
  • 4 x black rubber bases, each weighing 1kg          
  • 2 x white rubber mats                                            
  • Nylon bag for ease of storage and transportation 

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