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Crokinole, is a Canadian game where in a duel you must beat the opponent by scoring in the middle hole and bouncing the opponent away.

The game is played in teams of 2 people or 1 vs 1. The game board is divided into 3 rings. The middle circle is worth 15 points, the second circle 10 points and the outer circle 5 points. In the centre of the middle circle, there is a hole, also called ‘Toad’. This is worth 20 points. In addition to the game board, there are a total of 12 discs in two colours. Depending on the game format, one against one or two against two, each player receives 12 or 6 discs.

The 5-point area is divided into 4 areas and each player is assigned an area. The back line of the game board is the shooting line from which the player may shoot his checkers. You can shoot the discs by making a snapping motion with two fingers or with one loose finger. Pushing the disc is not allowed. It should be a clear shooting motion. When a player is playing and there are no opponent’s checkers on the game board, he or she must shoot a checker that must rest in the inner circle. Hitting the line of this circle is sufficient for a legal shot.

QUALITY – The Crokinole set is designed to aid the best playing experience and measures to Official Crokinhole Board playing size. The playing surface is optimised for increasing the speed of the slide for playing discs. This a great value full-size Crokinole board which is an ideal entry-level board.

BOARD SIZE – The Crokinole Board measures 27” x 27” (approx. 69cm x 69cm) with a playing surface of 25.5” x 25.5” (approx. 65cm x 65cm)

POLISHED PLAYING DISKS – 24 Polished Playing Pieces – 12 of each colour – allowing for 1v1 (12 disks each) or 2v2 (6 disks each)

CARRY/STORAGE BAG – Set Included a hand storage bag with carry handles, making the board easy to transport and store.

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