Garden Draughts Set – 10cm

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A fantastic game that’s now perfect for your garden.

Like Garden Chess, Garden Draughts will give your garden parties a whole new dimension. Ideal for any and all outdoor events this all weather draught set is a perfect garden accessory.

Garden Draughts are designed to be played with by all ages and offers a fun and easy experience for all involved.

The Garden Draughts are made from very durable PVC, which is both waterproof and UV protected. The full set weighs 3kg.

The garden draughts set includes:

  • 24 draughtsmen
  • 12 white, 12 black
  • 4 cm in height
  • 10 cm in diameter
  • 6 plastic rods to make Kings

Build the perfect draughts package: 

Complete your set with the following optional items:

  • Plastic garden chess board
  • Nylon garden chess mat
  • Storage bag option for the 24 draughtsmen
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Garden Draughts Pieces Set- Plastic - 10cm

Let’s go outside! We’ve given the classic game an alfresco twist, making it an essential garden accessory this summer. Made from waterproof, UV-protected PVC, these durable draughtsmen are ready and waiting to play. 

 Our garden draughts pieces set includes: 

  • 24 Draughtsmen: 12 white, 12 black
  • 4cm (xx”) high x 10cm (xx”) diameter
  • Full set weighs 3kg
  • 6 plastic rods to make Kings

 Garden draughts does not include a playing surface. We recommend the optional extras:

  • Garden chess board - plastic
  • Garden chess mat - nylon
  • Garden draughts storage bag for when the 24 pieces are not in use and to make them easy to transport

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Garden Chess Board - Plastic

Our garden chess board is suitable for use with our garden chess pieces and garden draughts.

The garden chess board consists of 64 plastic tiles that when connected together make a perfect playing surface. Durable and  lawn friendly, the garden chess board can be left outside throughout the summer without fear of either weather damage to the product or lawn damage.

Our garden chess board consists of:

  • 64 plastic tiles
  • 32 black, 32 white
  • Individual tiles measure 17.5cm x 17.5cm
  • Total board measures 140cm x 140cm



Garden Chess Mat - Nylon

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The quick and easy accompaniment to the Garden Chess Pieces and Garden Draughts.

The Garden Chess Mat consists of a Nylon sheet that is quick and easy to put down and when rolled up is easily stored.

Each square on the mat measures 17cm x 17cm

Mat measures 138cm x 138cm


Garden Draughts Storage Bag

Whatever plans you have this summer, make sure your garden draughts pieces can come along for the adventure with this heavy-duty nylon bag. And, when winter arrives, secure the drawstring top and store them away safe in the knowledge that they’ll be in perfect condition for next season.

  • 1 x nylon bag
  • 55cm (21.5") high x 22cm (8.5") diameter

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