Giant Draughts Set – 25cm

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The age old game in a giant format!

Like Giant Chess, Giant Draughts are perfect for summer parties, BBQ’s, pub gardens and other outdoor events.

Giant Draughts is suitable to be played by all ages; offering a fun experience for all involved.

The Giant Draughts are made from very durable PVC, which is both waterproof and UV protected. Each piece weighs 1/2kg.

Giant draughts includes:

  • 24 draughtsmen
  • 12 White, 12 Black
  • 9 cm in Height
  • 25 cm in Diameter
  • 6 plastic rods to make Kings

Build the perfect giant draughts package:

Complete your set with the following optional items:

  • Plastic Giant Chess Board
  • Nylon Giant Chess Mat
  • Storage Bag option for the 24 Draughtsmen


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Giant Draughts Pieces Set - Plastic - 25cm

The classic game is now available in giant proportions! The ideal addition to any outdoor event – from summer parties to pub gardens – giant draughts will keep players of all ages thoroughly entertained. Pieces are made from very durable PVC, which is both waterproof and UV-protected. 

Our giant draughts pieces set includes: 

  • 24 Draughtsmen: 12 white, 12 black
  • 9cm (3.5") high x 25cm (10") diameter
  • Each piece weights 0.5kg
  • 6 plastic rods to make Kings

 Giant draughts does not include a playing surface. We recommend the optional extras:

  • Giant chess board - plastic
  • Giant chess matt - nylon
  • Giant draughts storage bag for when the 24 pieces are not in use and to make them easy to transport

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Giant Chess Board - Plastic

You’ve got your pieces and now you need somewhere to play – this plastic giant chess board is the perfect place to take on your opponents and has been specially designed with our giant chess and giant draughts pieces in mind. 

Connect together the 64 plastic tiles for a lawn-friendly, durable playing surface that can be left out all summer long. The board is weather-resistant and won’t damage your grass.

Our giant chess board is comprised of:

  • 64 plastic tiles: 32 black, 32 white
  • Individual tiles measure 38cm x 38cm
  • Total board measures 304cm x 304cm

Giant Chess Mat - Nylon

A surface that’s as quick to set up as it is to pack up once you’ve finished playing. The ideal companion to our giant chess and giant draughts pieces, this nylon playing surface can be secured with pegs thanks to the reinforced metal ringlets on each corner. When rolled it takes up very little space, making it a great pack-and-go option. 

The giant chess mat consists of:

  •  1 x mat measuring 262cm x 262cm, each square measures 32cm x 32cm

Giant Draughts Storage Bag

Transport and store your giant draughts pieces with these heavy-duty nylon bags. Drawstring tops ensure everything stays in place until you are ready to unpack and play. 

  • 1 x nylon bag
  • 110cm (43") high x 48cm (19") diameter

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