Giant Quoits


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Supersized and stylish due to its polished pine base and rope hoops made from natural fibres.  Whatever your throwing technique, points are scored by landing the hoops over the pegs and, as each peg is worth a different amount, it’s important to get your aim right. 

This traditional lawn game is perfect for all ages. A canvas bag makes it easy to pack the set for road trips and family outings, while ensuring it stays in prime condition when not in use. 

Giant Quoits Includes: 

  • 1 x pine base, measuring 100cm long x 8.6cm wide x 3.7cm deep
  • 5 x pine pegs, each measuring 51cm high
  • 4 x natural fibre rope hoops, each measuring 40cm in diameter 
  • Canvas transport and storage bag


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