Giant Tumble Tower – Pine


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Put your nerves to the test with this giant version of Jenga. One of our most thrilling garden games, 56 beautifully-crafted pine blocks form a 90cm (35″) tower that could tumble at any time.

Using just one hand, players take it in turns to remove blocks and replace them on top of the stack to create an increasingly tall tower that can reach more than 150cm (59″) high. Every move matters as the slightest wobble could send the whole thing toppling – and no one wants that to happen! 

Pine blocks offer a lighter and cheaper alternative to our hardwood giant tumble tower.

 Our giant tumble tower set (pine) includes:

  • 56 pine blocks measuring 21cm x 7cm x 4.7cm (8″ x 3″ x 2″)
  • Nylon transport / storage bag

Note: Players are advised to stay on their feet and be aware that the tower could fall at any time. Children should always be supervised.

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