Individual Giant Chess Pieces

From: £25.00

Now you can order your chess pieces individually. If you have lost a piece, need a replacement, or just want a few pieces instead of a full set.

Our giant chess pieces, which are made from durable PVC that is both UV treated and waterproof, come in two parts which allows for sand or water to be added for weight if needed. The pieces weigh approximately 1kg each unfilled and are fine in all but very strong winds

When comparing giant chess sets look at the detail of the pieces which is we believe reflective of the overall quality of the set. This is often most visible on the queens and knights.

The bases of all the giant chess pieces are 22cm in diameter.

The height of the individual pieces are:

  • Kings 60cm in height
  • Queens 58cm in height
  • Bishops 54cm in height
  • Knights 45cm in height
  • Rooks 42cm in height
  • Pawns 42cm in height