Ladder Golf


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If you compete best with the sound of a crowd cheering you on, then you’ve come to the right place. Ladder Golf is both a thrilling game and an edge-of-your-seat spectator sport so is suited to a range of social occasions – from barbecues and picnics to cocktail parties and camping trips.

Solo players or teams start by grabbing three Bolas (Bolas are the 2 golf balls attached by a rope), pick from our colour of Navy, White,  Green & Grey! These bolas are made from real golf balls, which are securely connected at either end of a rope.

Throw the bolas at the ladder from a distance – your aim is to wrap your bolas around one of the three rungs or to knock off your opponent’s balls. The higher the run the bolas lands on, the more points you get.

Prepare for a fiendishly tricky match, as the bolas spin around the rungs unpredictably – twisting, twirling and falling off when you least expect it!

Our ladder golf set includes:

  • 1 x rubberwood ladder golf frame with 3 durable PVC rungs
  • 4 x sets of 4 bolas – 3 Navy, 3 White, 3 Green & 3 Grey supplied in a drawstring bag
  • Nylon transport and storage bag
  • Official Rules

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