Ladder Golf Bag Game (Red & Yellow Bags)


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For an extra serve of throwing fun, why not convert your ladder golf frame with this bag toss add-on? Take it in turns to throw the red-and-blue or yellow-and-orange bags into the holes or onto the canvas deck in order to score points. This versatile and child-friendly option enables you to get extra use from your ladder golf frame. 

Note: The hardwood ladder golf frame comes separately as part of the ladder golf set, this bag deck is purchased as an extra piece of kit. 

The ladder golf bags game includes:

  • 1 x ladder bag deck
  • 1 x set of 3 red ladder bags and 3 blue ladder bags OR 1 x set of 3 yellow ladder bags and 3 orange ladder bags
  • instructions 

Additional bags are available in the following colours – Yellow, White, Sky Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Navy and Green

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