Ladder Golf Bolas – Set of 6 Soft Bolas


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NEW IN! – Soft Bolas Colours. Introducing the Uber Games Ladder Spare Soft ball bolas (bolas are the 2 soft balls attached by a rope) – the perfect accessory to elevate your ladder golf game to new heights of fun and excitement! Crafted with precision and designed for durability, these spare ball bolas are the ideal addition to your Uber Games Ladder Golf set. This pack contains a Set of 6 Bolas – in 3 colour options –  3 x Green & 3 x Grey, 3 x Navy & 3 x White or 3 x Sky Blue & 3 x Coral.

These spare soft ball bolas are specifically designed to complement the Uber Games Ladder Golf set, ensuring compatibility and a seamless integration with the original game. Add an extra set to your collection for larger gatherings or as backups to keep the competition going

Ladder Golf is a great game. Solo players or teams start by grabbing three Bolas (Bolas are the 2 soft balls attached by a rope), picking a team colour! These bolas are securely connected at either end of a rope.

Throw the bolas at the ladder from a distance – your aim is to wrap your bolas around one of the three rungs or to knock off your opponent’s balls. The higher the run the bolas lands on, the more points you get.

Prepare for a fiendishly tricky match, as the bolas spin around the rungs unpredictably – twisting, twirling and falling off when you least expect it!


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