Ladder Golf Scoreboard


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Ladder Golf is great fun for everyone! Ladder Golf is perfect for parties, picnics, BBQ’s and camping. It is sure to draw a crowd.

The ladder golf scoreboard is designed to fit directly on to your ladder golf set, it comes with 4 nails for this purpose. It also comes with a leather strap so it can be hung up if preferred. The scoreboard is two-sided, on one side the numbers are written horizontally, and on the other they are written vertically.

This scoreboard allows up to 4 players to keep track of their scores, so it is suitable for both the single ladder golf set and the double ladder golf set. The scoreboard goes up to the number 61.

This scoreboard is not just for ladder golf, it is suitable for keeping score of any game that goes up to 61 points.

The Ladder Golf Score Board includes:

  • 1 Metallic Score Plate
  • 9 Neodymium Magnets
  • Leather Strap for Hanging
  • 4 Small Nails

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