Ladder Golf


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If you compete best with the sound of a crowd cheering you on, then you’ve come to the right place. Thrilling to both play as two competing sides and an edge-of-your-seat spectator sport. Ladder golf is suited to a range of social occasions – from barbecues and picnics to cocktail parties and camping trips.

Solo players or teams start by grabbing three bolas. These comprise two classic red and navy, or eye-popping orange and yellow golf balls, which are securely connected with a rope. 

Throw the bolas at the ladder from a distance – the aim is for the rope to wrap around one of the three rungs or to knock off your opponent’s balls. Points are awarded according to which rung – top, middle or bottom – the bola lands on. 

Prepare for a fiendishly tricky match, as the bolas spin around the rungs unpredictably – twisting, twirling and falling off then you least expect it! 

Our ladder golf set includes:

  • 1 x hardwood ladder golf frame with durable rungs
  • 1 x set of 3 navy and 3 red coloured bolas OR 1 x set of 3 orange and 3 yellow bolas
  • Nylon transport and storage bag
  • Official rules

Track of every goal with a Ladder Golf Scoreboard, which is an optional extra for this product. And, if you’ve conquered competing with bolas, why not try playing with bags?

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