Manopoulos Fossil Forest Luxury Backgammon Set


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This Fossil Forest Luxury Backgammon Set from the world famous Manopoulos in Greece is the perfect companion for a game of backgammon when you want to spend quality time with your loved ones.

ABOUT MANOPOULOS – Manopoulos, a renowned Greek manufacturer, specializes in creating exquisite Backgammon sets that have gained global recognition. They have been handcrafting quality board games since 1970. Their exceptional wooden and leatherette sets seamlessly blend elegant design with sturdy construction, providing an unmatched gaming experience. Additionally, they offer uniquely designed Backgammon sets that cater to those who seek a distinctive and standout board for their Backgammon games.

FOSSIL FOREST: This Luxury Backgammon board is classic in Backgammon board design but especially stands out with the Architectural wood veneer producing a creative atmosphere. The irregular shape and colour intensity of the dark brown core contrasting silky shades of Grey tones, give the veneer figure a temperamental character. The set is handcrafted using the art of Marquetry from Black Oak with Wenge and grey points. Each backgammon set made is UNIQUE.

DIMENSIONS – Board Size is 19inch x 12 inch (48cm x 30 cm) when closed. Weight 2.8 kg.  Side racks are built into this high quality set which are great for game organisation either for dice rolling or for checker placement.

The set includes

  • 30 mother of pearl checkers (15 Brown & 15 White)
  • 4 dice
  • 1 Doubling cube
  • 1 set of Wooden Dice Cups

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