Manopoulos Snake Tote Superior Luxury Backgammon Set with side racks


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This is the Ultimate Luxury Backgammon Set with side racks and will turn heads as you play.

ABOUT MANOPOULOS – Manopoulos, a renowned Greek manufacturer, specializes in creating exquisite Backgammon sets that have gained global recognition. They have been handcrafting quality board games since 1970. Their exceptional wooden and leatherette sets seamlessly blend elegant design with sturdy construction, providing an unmatched gaming experience. Additionally, they offer uniquely designed Backgammon sets that cater to those who seek a distinctive and standout board for their Backgammon games.

SNAKE TOTE – This Superior Luxury Backgammon board has a unique look and is handcrafted with our highest level of craftsmanship. The combination of the rigid wood frame with the finest Italian leather exterior surface is designed especially for the most demanding backgammon players. The inlaid playing field is perfectly assembled and crafted with a special German made ECO-LEATHER in Grey-Beige with Light Brown and White points. The finest Italian leather exterior surface made to resemble fake Snake skin is designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.. The Leatherette has the advantage of noise reduction and durability. The set is handcrafted showing quality in design and therefore each backgammon set made is UNIQUE.

DIMENSIONS – Board Size is 19inch x 12 inch (48cm x 30 cm) when closed. Weight 2.8 kg.  Side racks are built in to this high quality set which are great for game organisation either for dice rolling or for checker placement.

SET INCLUDES : 30 mother of pearl checkers (15 Brown & 15 Natural Light Wood), 4 dice, 1 black doubling cube, 1 set of Wooden Dice Cups. Is packed in a Manopoulos gift box

PERFECT PRESENT – Sent out in a Manopoulos Gift box so can be given as a perfect present for Christmas or Birthdays.

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