Mega Chess Package – 90cm

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Ideal for outdoor use, these Mega Chess Pieces will be sure to impress! Suitable for all ages, Mega Chess is a fantastic and fun way for all the family to play chess.

Not only will the pieces look great on your lawn, they will provide hours of fun and are particularly popular for garden parties, social events, hotel grounds and pub beer gardens.

The Mega Chess pieces consist of 3 pieces. Simply screw the 3 pieces together to make the Mega Chess pieces with the King standing at 90cm in height. You can also create the smaller Giant Chess pieces by omitting the middle extender section of the piece, the king then standing at 60cm in height.

The Mega Chess pieces are made from durable PVC that is both UV treated and waterproof. The pieces weigh approximately 1.2 kg each unfilled and are fine unfilled in all but very strong winds. The bases also allow for water or sand to be added for weight if required.

The bases of all the Mega Chess pieces are 22cm in diameter

The Mega Chess Pieces includes:

  • 2 x Kings – 90cm in Height
  • 2 x Queens 88cm in Height
  • 4 x Bishops 84 cm in Height
  • 4 x Knights 75 cm in Height
  • 4 x Rooks 72 cm in Height
  • 16 x Pawns 72 cm in Height

Build Your Perfect Chess Set 

Why not complete your set with one of our chess playing surfaces available to purchase as an optional extra. You can choose between a plastic giant chess board, ideal for the lawn or a lightweight nylon chess mat that can be easily transported and stored.

  • The Giant Chess board is made up of 64 plastic tiles; 32 black tiles and 32 white tiles. Each individual tile measures 38cm x 38cm and the total board measures 304cm x 304cm.
  • The Nylon Giant Chess Mat measures a total of 262cm x 262cm with each square measuring 31.5cm x 31.5cm.
  • We can also offer you the perfect storage option for the Mega Chess pieces. 6 large nylon storage bags are required to store all 32 chess pieces.
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Mega Chess Pieces Set only - Plastic - 90cm

Awaiting stock due back in late May. Any orders placed will be held and dispatched as soon as possible.

Make an impact with these mega chess pieces. Ideal for outdoor use, they are a fun way for friends and family of all ages to compete. 

Consisting of three solid sections (a top, a middle and a base) that are simply screwed together, each piece weighs 1.2kg and can withstand most windy weather – however, you can always add water or sand to the base sections to create an extra sturdy set. 

Made from UV-treated, waterproof PVC, this versatile outdoor set will keep players entertained all summer. For younger players, simply remove the middle section to convert your mega set into a giant set, in which the King stands at 60cm high as opposed to 90cm high. 

Our mega chess pieces set includes:

  • 32 waterproof pieces made from UV-treated PVC
  • 2 x Kings at 90cm high
  • 2 x Queens at 88cm high
  • 4 x Bishops at 84cm high
  • 4 x Knights at 75cm high
  • 4 x Rooks at 72cm high
  • 16 x Pawns at 72cm high
  • Each piece has a base diameter of 22cm
  • Each piece weighs 1.2kg each (unfilled)

The mega chess set does not include a chess-playing surface. We recommend the optional extras:

  • Giant chess board - plastic

Ideal for use on grass, each of the 64 individual tiles (32 black and 32 white) measure 38cm x 38cm while the total board measures 304cm x 304cm

  • Giant chess mat - Nylon

Lightweight and easy to transport and store, each of the 64 individual tiles (32 black and 32 white) measure 31.5cm x 31.5cm while the total board measures 262cm x 262cm 

  • 6 x large nylon storage bags for when the 32 chess pieces are not in use and to make them easy to transport

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Giant Chess Board - Plastic - 3x3m

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You’ve got your pieces and now you need somewhere to play – this plastic giant chess board is the perfect place to take on your opponents and has been specially designed with our giant chess and giant draughts pieces in mind. 

Connect together the 64 plastic tiles for a lawn-friendly, durable playing surface that can be left out all summer long. The board is weather-resistant and won’t damage your grass.

Our giant chess board is comprised of:

  • 64 plastic tiles: 32 black, 32 white
  • Individual tiles measure 38cm x 38cm
  • Total board measures 304cm x 304cm

Giant Chess Mat - Nylon

A surface that’s as quick to set up as it is to pack up once you’ve finished playing. The ideal companion to our giant chess and giant draughts pieces, this nylon playing surface can be secured with pegs thanks to the reinforced metal ringlets on each corner. When rolled it takes up very little space, making it a great pack-and-go option. 

The giant chess mat consists of:

  •  1 x mat measuring 262cm x 262cm, each square measures 32cm x 32cm

Giant Chess Storage Bag

Every good game must come to an end, and when it’s time to pack away your giant chess pieces you are going to need giant chess bags. Made from heavy-duty nylon with a drawstring top, these bags are ideal for safely and securely transporting and storing your chess set. 

  • nylon bag
  • 110cm (43") high x 48cm (19") diameter

For our bigger sets more bags are required:

  • Giant chess requires 4 bags
  • Mega chess requires 6 bags
  • Uber chess requires 8 bags

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