Mini Skittle Alley

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Indoor Mini Skittle Alley

All the fun of 10 pin bowling only on a smaller scale! The objective is to knock down as many pins as possible. Each bowler has ten frames in which to knock down pins, with each frame being composed of up to two bowls.

Line up the aiming handle and push the marble down the alley. Skittles that are knocked over should be cleared off the alley before the second bowl. The crib can then be used to quickly and accurately set the skittles back for the next player.

This beautifully-crafted Alley is constructed from the highest quality solid beech wood.

The Skittle Alley set includes:

  • A beech wood skittle alley measuring 114cm long x 16cm wide x 7cm high
  • 15 Rosewood skittles each measuring 4.5cm in height
  • 5 marbles
  • An aiming handle
  • A setup crib
  • A score book
  • Canvas transport / storage bag

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