Premium Bat & Ball Set

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Supplied in a convenient drawstring bag, this set includes a pair of premium bats (paddles) and two rubber balls – making the game ready to play straight from the bag!

Originating from the golden sands of Brazil, bat & ball games are now a fixture on beaches the world over. Drawing on that inspiration, we created an aesthetically pleasing bat & ball set that is strong enough to withstand regular use.

Our stylish bats are hand crafted from stunning dark rosewood and highly-durable white ash wood (commonly used in baseball bats). That combination ensures a lightweight yet hard wearing paddle that is perfectly balanced and suitable for adults and children.

Includes nylon drawstring carry bag with two separate internal pockets to protect bats from damaging each other.

Fire branded with the Uber Games logo, the paddles are completed to a distinctive (sand and waterproof) varnished finish, and come complete with a non-slip rubber handle grip for comfort and control.

Why wait until your next holiday to play? The next time you find an open space – in the garden, beach, park… or wherever – you can simply grab the bag, and go!

Our premium bat & ball set includes:

  • 2 x ashwood & rosewood bats: 44cm (H) x 20.7cm (W)
  • 2 x rubber balls (Blue): 50mm (D)
  • 1 x nylon drawstring carry bag (Navy)

More hard-wearing than cheaper alternatives. Perfect for the beach, garden or park.

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