Premium Bat & Ball Set


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Supplied in a convenient drawstring bag, this set includes a pair of premium bats (paddles) and two rubber balls – making the game ready to play straight from the bag!

Originating from the golden sands of Brazil, bat & ball games are now a fixture on beaches the world over. Drawing on that inspiration, we created an aesthetically pleasing bat & ball set that is strong enough to withstand regular use.

Our stylish bats are hand crafted from stunning dark rosewood and highly-durable white ash wood (commonly used in baseball bats). That combination ensures a lightweight yet hard wearing paddle that is perfectly balanced and suitable for adults and children.

Fire branded with the Uber Games logo, the paddles are completed to a distinctive (sand and waterproof) varnished finish, and come complete with a non-slip rubber handle grip for comfort and control.

Why wait until your next holiday to play? The next time you find an open space – in the garden, beach, park… or wherever – you can simply grab the bag, and go!

Our premium bat & ball set includes:

  • 2 x ashwood & rosewood bats: 44cm (H) x 20.7cm (W)
  • 2 x rubber balls (red): 50mm (D)
  • 1 x nylon drawstring carry bag (black/red)

More hard-wearing than cheaper alternatives. Perfect for the beach, garden or park.

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