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Take to the garden for this centuries-old lawn game that rewards the player with the most accurate aim. The idea is to throw the rope hoops over the pine pegs – each of which is worth a different number of points. When everyone has had their turn, the player with the highest score is announced the winner. 

Perfect for country pub gardens and sumptuous picnics, Quoits is a throwing game that’s ideal for all ages. It is guaranteed to add a fun, sporting dimension to any social occasion. The canvas bag makes it easy to pack for outings and ensures it stays in prime condition when not in use. 

The Quoits set includes:

  • 1 x pine base, measuring 51cm long x 4.4cm wide x 1.9cm deep
  • 5 x pine pegs, each measuring 22.5cm high
  • 4 x natural fibre rope hoops, each measuring 20cm in diameter 
  • Canvas transport and storage bag

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