Rosewood Skittles


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Who will strike it lucky? We invite you and your family and friends to enjoy all the fun of a 10-pin bowling alley from the comfort of your own home. Players put their skittle skills to the test as they take it in turns to knock down pins in as few attempts as possible

Made of beautifully rich rosewood, this traditional bowling game has been a favourite of patrons in taverns up and down the land for centuries.

The rosewood skittle set includes:

  • 10 x rosewood skittles, each measuring 23cm(9″) in height with diameter of 5cm(2″) at base and 8cm(3″) in belly. The lead skittle has a red top.
  • 3 x rosewood balls measuring 8cm(3″) in diameter
  • Canvas transport and storage bag


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