Sheesham Solitaire Puzzle


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Solitaire is perhaps the classic problem-solving puzzle– and our version of the game stays true to the traditional style.

The aim is simple: start with 32 marbles and end with one.

Achieve this by jumping one marble over another to capture them. However, the result is not always as imagined!

Crafted from solid Indian Sheesham wood, the board measures 9” (22.8cm) in diameter and is finished to a stylish polished specification. The board is inset with 33 points in a cross shape and ringed on its perimeter with a groove for setting down captured marbles. The set comes complete with 32 pearl-style marbles.

Uber Games Sheesham Solitaire Puzzle is a fun challenge for children and adults alike and makes a stylish addition to any home table-top or office desk.

    • Handheld circular puzzle game
    • Handcrafted from the finest Indian sheesham hardwood
    • 32 playing marbles
    • Ideal travel game
    • Great corporate gift idea


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