Tumble Towers – Varnished Hardwood

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Uber Games Tumble Tower Range is designed to be the centre of attention, bringing people together for memorable moments. Crafted with precision and built to last, these high-quality wooden blocks are perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Just like in the popular game of Jenga, players must take it in turns to remove blocks – using just one hand – from any existing level before balancing them on top of the tower to create a new level. The aim is to add as many levels as possible – continually increasing the height of the tower – without it falling over. Every move matters as the slightest wobble could send the whole thing toppling – and no one wants that to happen!

There are 4 Sizes in our Tumble Tower Range:

Midi – 54 cm starting height
Large – 68 cm starting height
Giant – 86 cm starting height
Mega – 113 cm starting height
Uber – 153 cm starting height

Every Tumble Tower in our range has 54 Blocks per Tumble Tower Creating a 18-level High Game.

We opted for Hardwood blocks with a Varnished finish (as opposed to softwood) because it provides superior strength and durability – providing you with a high quality Tumble tower that will withstand the test of time!

Each of our sets comes with Canvas Storage Bags for ease of transport and storage. Double stitched seams for extra durability with padded holdall handles for added comfort.


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