Uber Chess Pieces Set only – Plastic – 120cm


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At 120cm high, our Uber chess pieces can’t help but command attention. From wedding parties to pub lawns, hotel grounds to home gardens, they make for a handsome addition to any outside space. 

Consisting of four solid sections (a top, two extenders and a base) that are simply screwed together, this super-sized set means players don’t have to bend down to move the pieces. They can also be adapted so players of all ages and heights have a range of options:

  • remove one extender to create giant chess pieces (where the King stands at 60cm tall)
  • remove both extenders to create mega chess pieces (where the King stands at 90cm tall)

Pieces are waterproof and made from durable, UV-treated PVC. There’s also the option to add water or sand to the base sections for an even sturdier set.

Our Uber chess pieces set includes:

  • 32 waterproof pieces made from UV-treated PVC:
  • 2 x Kings at 120cm high
  • 2 x Queens at 118cm high
  • 4 x Bishops at 114cm high
  • 4 x Knights at 105cm high
  • 4 x Rooks at 102cm high
  • 16 x Pawns at 102cm high
  • Each piece has a base diameter of 22cm
  • Each piece weighs 1.5kg each (unfilled)

The mega chess set does not include a chess-playing surface. We recommend the optional extras:

  • Giant chess board – plastic

Ideal for use on grass, each of the 64 individual tiles (32 black and 32 white) measure 38cm x 38cm while the total board measures 304cm x 304cm 

  • Giant chess mat – nylon

Lightweight and easy to transport and store, each of the 64 individual tiles (32 black and 32 white) measure 31.5cm x 31.5cmwhile the total board measures 262cm x 262cm

  • 8 x large nylon storage bags for when the 32 chess pieces are not in use and to make them easy to transport

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