Uber Kubb


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Since starting life in Sweden, Kubbs quickly became a popular throwing game the world over, and is the ideal way to spend a summer’s afternoon with a glass of something ice-cold in hand. Use the wooden corner poles to mark out your pitch and prepare for a Scandi-inspired sporting showdown. 

The objective is to knock down the cuboid pieces – called ‘knights’ – by throwing the circular blocks – named ‘Kubbs’ – underarm from a few metres away. Our Kubb set is made from varnished hardwood, which not only gives it an eye-catching finish but also added durability.

The uber kubb set includes:

  • 1 x king with red top, measuring 30cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • 6 x throwing stocks, measuring 30cm x 4.5cm diameter
  • 10 knights, measuring 15cm x 7cm x 7cm
  • 4 x wooden corner poles
  • Canvas transport and storage bag

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