Wooden Scatter Set


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This utterly addictive tactical game also known as Smite sees participants of all ages pit their wits against 10 wooden pins – each of which is marked with a number. Throwing a wooden baton underarm, players take it in turns to knock over the pins while keeping a running total of their score – the first person to reach exactly 50 points is declared the winner. Believe us, it’s easier said than done! 

Pins are returned to their upright position wherever they happened to topple, meaning no two throws are the same. And, if a player’s score exceeds 50, it’s reduced to 25 ready for their next turn.

The wooden scatter set includes:

  • 10 x pine pins, each measuring 17.5cm (7″) in height and 7cm (2.5″) in diameter
  • 1 wooden baton
  • Canvas transport and storage bag

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