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Rules of Kwik cricket

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Kwik cricket has been developed as an organised game for school children but can be enjoyed at home and played with mixed age family groups or friends in the garden, park or on the beach.


There are different games of Kwik cricket, adapted to suit the skill and number of players available and Kwik cricket can be enjoyed by people who don’t understand the rules of cricket beyond hitting a ball with a bat and shouting howzat!


Kwik cricket is played with lightweight plastic equipment and a lightweight ball so no protective clothing is necessary. Kwik cricket can be made more difficult, or easier, by changing the pitch dimensions, such as increasing the distance between the wickets or pushing out or pulling in the boundaries.


There are many kwik cricket games that can be played, including Pairs kwik cricket, the Lords Game and Continuous kwik cricket.

Pairs kwik cricket

An alternative version of pairs Kwik cricket can be played as a team game. This form of pairs Kwik cricket is most like the structure of conventional cricket.

The Lords game
Continuous Kwik cricket